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Front Spaces - Timelines & Snaps

Lawrenceburg KY is a true All-American Small Town.  Smack in the middle of the Bourbon Trail, the downtown is amazing.  When an opportunity developed to purchase Kevin's Auto Sales (a 10,000 sq. ft building with a 12,000 sq. ft parking lot that is located in the heart of downtown) we jumped at the chance.  The building had incredible character and a great history - though needing a lot of TLC and updating to retain its charm, while also creating an economic engine in the center of town.  Half of our group of 4 partners are longtime Lawrenceburg residents - the other half believe in our friends and in small towns.  It has been a long process - with many learnings and adventures.  These picture/videos reflect our story - and hopefully - will serve as the foundation for great stories in the future - ENJOY & LIVE LARGE - small risks aren't very exciting - so we went big:)

Up front woodford 2 24_b.jpg

Rental 1 - Best View in Town

Corridor - The Pleasure is in the Journey

Rental 2 - The Heart of it All

The Party Room - Definitely Getting Busy

Front Baths - the Pause that Refreshes

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